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Improve the Look of Your Community

Hire Mitten & Company Inc for commercial exterior painting services in Charlotte, NC

When renovating your HOA community or apartment complex, it's important to keep everything uniform and up to code. So be sure to hire an HOA contractor who will provide seamless and attractive construction services.

When you partner with Mitten & Company in Charlotte, NC, we'll take the time to ensure that each home or building looks its best. With multi-home exterior painting and commercial door replacements for all units, you'll love the way your community looks after where done.

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Maintain tradition - Embrace innovation

As new developments pop up around your community, it's important to stay up to date with modern standards. Mitten & Company can help keep up your property's appearance with:

Commercial exterior painting for apartment complexes.
Multi-unit balcony or terrace installation
Commercial door replacements and trim repairs

Impress guests with your community's image. Contact us in Charlotte, NC today to discuss your ideas.