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Multi-Family Exterior Restoration. Roofing, Siding, Gutters.

A large multi-family project is our forte. This is a high-cost production that involves a lot of labor, supplies, finances, and not to mention residents.

Due to a lack of resources, a majority of contractors are not up to this type of large scale renovation. A demanding job like this involves a great deal of organization and experience to get the job done right.

Mitten & Company are one of the few contractors that can handle any size job. Whether it be an insurance claim, multi-family commercial apartments, condos or townhouses projects, we have the teams to get the job done with quality workmanship and on time.

HOA Board Members

If you are the president or a board member of a Condo Association or Home Owners Association we understand your financial goals and time restraints.

Large Insurance Claim Expert
Financial Stability
Management Experience
Top Notch Restoration Contracting Services
Multiple Installation Crews
Iron Clad Warranties

Condo and Apartment Complex Owners

If you own condo complex, an apartment building or an apartment complex or if you are in charge of the maintenance of a multi-family apartment complex we would love to be helpful to you.

Condos, Townhouses and Apartment Experienced
Insurance Claim Complexity
Dealing with Residents
Top Quality Workmanship
Best Warranties

Management Companies

If you or your company is in charge of the management of an HOA, an apartment complex, or any multi-family dwellings we have the tools to meet your goals and budget.

Experts at Working with Budget Limitations
Insurance Claim Department
Workarounds with Time Constraints
Experienced with Tough Residents
Quality of Work Second to None
Popular Warranties

How are Projects Managed?

Our projects are managed fulltime. The Project Manager is typically on site and can be reached at any time. The Project Manager answers to a Supervisor who double checks the status and obligations of the project. The Project Manager will give consistent updates to your go-to person for the project.

Are you Financially Able to Manage my Very Large Project?

We are financially stable to handle ANY sized project. We have over two decades of experience in multi-family projects. We will get the job done correctly, and with a quality of workmanship that we expect from all our talented staff.

What About Large Insurance Claims?

A multifamily insurance claim can be complicated and can require many man-hours. Our staff is very experienced working on multi-family Acts of Nature insurance claims.

How About Installation Crews for My Large Project?

Large renovation projects demand a skilled workforce that can manage the workload. We have a large number of multi-family crews to handle the most challenging jobs. Our Crews are so skilled that an average sized single family home can be completed in one day, no problem. As well as having many crews at our disposal, there is always management at your disposal any time you need it.

Do You Warranty Your Work?

Not only do we offer warranties, our warranties are Iron Clad Warranties. We look at each project as our own, our warranties protect your property for the long haul. All our products offer warranties, some even lifetime product warranties. Plus Mitten and Company gives up to a 5-year labor workmanship guarantee! We resolve any and all issues pertaining to our projects.